Cheers To New Traditions

Happy Fourth of July to all those state-side!

I can’t guarantee this counts as a tradition exactly, but today marks my third consecutive Independence Day spent outside the country.

Here’s a quick overview of the last three years:

I spent my first international Independence Day in Brussels, Belgium. My family and I weren’t very patriotic this year- we didn’t realize the date until we saw the fountain pictured above! Luckily, Mannekin Pis‘s Americana costume reminded us. Even though the statue of “Little Man Pee” is small, his elaborate outfits (which change several times a week) and the legends surrounding him more than compensate for his size. My favorite of the many stories behind its origin? It’s a monument to a young boy who saved the town from a fire by extinguishing with…well, you get the idea…

Last year, my dad and I spent the Fourth in Guatemala. We didn’t encounter any statues clad in Stars and Stripes this time around, but we did have fantastic week volunteering in San Raimundo and Antigua Guatemala. The picture above is a view from Antigua Guatemala’s Cerro de la Cruz (Hill of the Cross), looking south towards Volcán de Agua.

This year, my friend Katherine and I will be walking our 23rd day on the Camino de Santiago, from Astorga to Rabanal del Camino. It’s hard to believe it’s going by so quickly!


So, could spending July 4th in a foreign country become a new tradition? It certainly has potential!


One thought on “Cheers To New Traditions

  1. My life seems to be quite similar! I typically am never in the US for the 4th… however, I’ve wearing some subtle traces of red, white, and blue today to work. Happy 4th of July to you!

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