Notes from the Road: Two Months

Two months ago, I walked off of my international flight from DFW to Madrid. So much has happened in these two months: I crossed Spain on the Camino de Santiago, reunited with old friends and created new ones, and got my first taste of Central Europe. Because I’ve been a little absent on this site recently, I’ve decided to let my pictures do the talking. Here’s a summary in photos:

I walked 500 miles from here…


To here…


Before finally ending up here, at mile kilometer marker 0.0– Finisterre or the “end of the world.”


Next, I went back to Madrid…


Before running away to Budapest and kicking off Part II of this adventure.


Then followed a few days in Prague


Including a sombre detour to the transit camp Terezin


And a quick trip to the beautiful Cesky Krumlov.


Now I’m in Krakow, with so much to remember, but with even more to look forward to- like exploring Croatia with my dad! My plans are still forming, but they’re becoming more and more firm, and I’ve loved watching this journey take shape along the way.

Throughout June and July, I walked across a country, slept in more than 45 different places, ate tons of incredible vegan food, and saw more than I thought possible. I’m thankful every day for the people I’ve met, the places I’ve seen, and the experiences I’ve had. It’s been an incredible journey thus far.

I can’t end this post without taking a moment to remember the lives both lost and forever changed by the June 24 train accident in Santiago de Compostela. The crash, which killed 79 people, occurred the night before St. James Day, as people poured into the city to celebrate feast day of the Camino’s namesake (Camino de Santiago translates to the Way of St. James). Although to my knowledge, no one I met along the way was directly affected by this tragedy, I think it’s safe to say all of our thoughts and prayers go out to those involved.

Thanks to everyone reading and apologies for the blogging hiatus. I’ll be back soon!


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