Lauren Gieseke

Hi there! I’m Lauren.

Louisianian, (temporary) Texan, soon-to-be English teacher. This blog will chronicle my experiences in Turkey and Bulgaria through the Critical Language Scholarship and Fulbright Program.

After graduating in May 2015 with a history degree, I’m heading abroad for a year of teaching, language acquisition, and learning more about Southeastern Europe & the Balkans.

The name of this site comes from my favorite line of Thoreau’s Walden. It says, “If you have built your castles in the air your work need not be lost. The are where they should be. Now put the foundations under them.” My dreams of living and studying abroad–my “castle,” so to speak–began with a postcard I received as an eight-year-old. This line felt especially appropriate when I created this site before my first long-term international experience in 2013. Now, I hope to take the title into “adult” life as I live, work, and study in Bursa, Turkey and Shumen, Bulgaria.

Castles in the Air, Abroad is solely space for me to share my wanderings and the views expressed here do not represent the Fulbright US Student Program, US Department of State, Critical Language Scholarship, or any affiliated program. Instead, I plan to use this site as an informal place to record the places I go and the experiences I have along the way.

Thanks for stopping in!


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